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Computer Science Foundations 2 (Team Projects)

Brianna C, Malakai W, Emilio N, Juan O, and Sayra C November 10, 2023

The 7th block Computer Science 2 class has been currently learning how to program, be an engineer, and build hardware technology. To give you a deeper insight in our class let's start with looking into...

Steps to Becoming and Engineer – RS

Bethany Brest, Mitchell High School Student May 12, 2023

The VEX Robo Rally unit is where me and my classmates learned how to build and move a robot. The robot we made was a speed bot, which we focused more on speed than anything else. We had trouble with the...

Coding Draft – CSF1

Atreyu Goldizen, Mitchell High School Student May 11, 2023

Coding is a very recent and new concept, a fun experience that came with the upbringing of the internet. Coding can be used to create and delete, eliminate viruses and create apps and games. Coding is...

Making with Technology – RS

April 28, 2023

I have learned many concepts in this class but there is one that simply stuck out to me, was unit 4 vex rally. In this unit we learned how to build a vex robot, which I found to be incredibly interesting,...

3D Design – RS

Maximus Fleming, Mitchell High School Student April 21, 2023

What I have learned this week was about using 3d design. 3D design is basically when you are designing something that is a different dimensional shape. I used tinker cad for designing a keychain for promoting Mitchell...

Unit 5 Variables and Constants – CSF1

Michael Ramos M, Mitchell High School Student April 20, 2023

No matter the field of work or profession, there is one thing that can be shared among almost any area of life; this is technology. Defined as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes,...

Ada Lovelace and her Legacy – CSF1

Jordan Miranda, Mitchell High School Student April 11, 2023

When you think of computers you probably think of people like Bill Gates the problem with that is, people like him wouldn’t be known for computers without someone like Ada Lovelace. Ada Lovelace was...

Intercontinental Internet – CSF1

Atreyu Goldizen, Mitchell High School Student February 16, 2023

Technology, namely the internet, has taken over human life as we know it. The Internet can show up everywhere, in almost every section of earth. There is a specific way we move it around, through fiber...

Key Parts of a Computer – CSF1

Ingrid Morales, Mitchell High School Student February 16, 2023

 What is hardware and software? It’s the different types of systems of a computer like cpu, memory , motherboard, hard drive, also power supply. Those are the 5 main key parts of a computer. Here is...

The Distributive System – CSF1

Jordan Miranda, Mitchell High School Student February 16, 2023

Technology is something that is needed throughout our entire world from cities, states, and countries but we are all relying on a specific system, the distributive system. What is the distributive network?...

The Systems of Networking – CSF1

Donovan O. Trujillo, Mitchell High School Student February 10, 2023

Networking is something that helps everyone connect in a way that was once thought to be unimaginable. Ever since Networking was invented, we have found new innovations that have helped us to more effectively...

Hardware and Software – What is it? – CSF1

Brianna Campbell, Mitchell High School Student February 10, 2023

Hardware and Software Hardware and software are the key components of your computer. They allow your computer perform basic tasks, such as just turning it on. What is hardware and software? Hardware...

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