Hardware and Software – What is it? – CSF1

Brianna Campbell, Mitchell High School Student

Hardware and Software

Hardware and software are the key components of your computer. They allow your computer perform basic tasks, such as just turning it on.

What is hardware and software?

Hardware is the physical parts of your computer, such as the motherboard, CPU, and battery, and more. Software is the set of instructions, data, or programs that run your computer such as macOS, Linux, and Windows. Though they have many differences, hardware and software do work together. Hardware is controlled by the software that lies within your computer, and they rely on one another to function. You would not be able to run your software without hardware.

Why is learning about software and hardware important?

It is important to learn about software and hardware, and applies to various areas of your life that aren’t just in the high school class room. If your computer is having issues and will not remember properly, you can remember what you covered about hardware and software in your high school class. From there, you can assess the problem that lays within your computer. If you did not know the difference between hardware and software, you would not be able to detect the problem. Therefore, you would have to pay somebody to fix it for you, rather than doing it yourself with the knowledge of hardware and software.


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