Intercontinental Internet – CSF1

Atreyu Goldizen, Mitchell High School Student

Technology, namely the internet, has taken over human life as we know it. The Internet can show up everywhere, in almost every section of earth. There is a specific way we move it around, through fiber optic cables that we run across the ocean floor. These cables connect the entire world together, so that you could send and receive messages from places like Japan, Russia, Germany, and many more! These cables are surrounded in a thick coating of different leathers and metals to protect them from potentially dangerous creatures. Sharks, whales, and many different types of sea life can and will damage the optics, one wire could be cut and an entire city would go dark for some time, which is why all the resources protecting the Fiber Optics can repel the creatures threatening to destroy a cable.


These cables are a necessity in keeping the internet running through the world. We use the internet for basically everything. Trade, work, entertainment, time and resource management, and many more! Almost everything on earth is influenced by the internet, and the internet could not exist without the cables that run throughout the world. If these cables were to ever suddenly disappear, or somehow end up destroyed, the world would spiral into chaos. Most human life can’t function without the internet, most, if not, all resource transportation would be halted. People would start to go mad, communication with others would become ten times as difficult, and most of humanity would not survive. Some people may be able to survive the apocalyptic loss of the internet and find a way to fix it. For now, we don’t need to worry about that. For now, it is here, and will be here to stay.


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