Coding Draft – CSF1

Atreyu Goldizen, Mitchell High School Student

Coding is a very recent and new concept, a fun experience that came with the upbringing of the internet. Coding can be used to create and delete, eliminate viruses and create apps and games. Coding is a process of words and blocks that are put together in ways that can create or protect. It can be used for game and app creation, ways to protect programs and websites, and can even create programs used for coding. It can create algorithms that machines may follow by, help solve technical problems, and do so much more! People have used it to create smart appliances, fly ships into space, and even control rovers on mars! Coding is a very important part of technology, which is why it might be important to learn the basics.

Technology is growing everyday. We as humans are coming into a world almost entirely filled with technology. With all of this technology comes many problems. Bugs, viruses, and many other things plague our technological world, and there are not enough people in the world who can deal with this. Being able to teach most people basic coding may help with this, since many problems can be solved with the basic knowledge of the computer sitting before you. If we were to start teaching people basic coding, they would be able to fix small problems in the coding world, and it may even inspire others to use that knowledge for something bigger, for instance, making their own video game. At this point in time, technology and the internet are becoming much more prevalent in homes, so knowing how to fix any small mishap in the system, may prove useful, thus leaving only the bigger problems for the more educated.


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