Making with Technology – RS

I have learned many concepts in this class but there is one that simply stuck out to me, was unit 4 vex rally. In this unit we learned how to build a vex robot, which I found to be incredibly interesting, because you had to piece the robot together and had to find the pieces to create it. You also had the opportunity to program the robot with your own code, which I also found to be great because of the amount of creativity that you can use to build the robot or make it go anywhere. Furthermore, many of the pieces that you needed for the vex robot were not found or were too big or small, which made building the vex robot more of a challenge and made it more compelling. It also makes you much prouder of your work because you know that you persevered through the challenge and know that you’re satisfied with it.

My favorite part of this class must be about learning many of the technological concepts that we use today. For example, our second unit showed us how to make a reaction game with micro bits, which I found to be fascinating because of the small amount of coding that you need to make this game. This truly showed me how technology is becoming easier to use and how it’s being implemented more and more into our lives. Our latest unit with 3d printing also shows us the benefits of this class because it teaches you skills that can be used in real life and prepares you for the upcoming rise of technology and the jobs which require skills in technology.


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