Small Group Interventions

Janeal Tyler, Computer Science Teacher

The CTE teachers are implementing a new strategy to help all students be successful in our classes.  We have started small group interventions.  This strategy selects the 5 lowest students in each class and the teacher pulls them back and works in a small group at least once a week to help close the understanding gap.  This intervention helps students stay caught up on their work, get their questions answered, and fill in the holes in their understanding.  The CTE teachers at Mitchell are leading the charge with this type of intervention to make sure all students are successful in our programs.

The Computer Science classes are taking these small groups even farther. Every student in computer science is in a group based on their performance in class.  Each small group is focusing on writing strong responses to computer science concepts.  Advanced students have an alternative assignment. Advanced students are writing about what they have learned and how that will help them outside of high school.  Their writing is going to get published on this blog and the top 2-3 will be featured in the school yearbook.  This helps share a student perspective on school for other students and parents to read.  Stay tuned for our first round of student writing to be published!


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