The Systems of Networking – CSF1

Donovan O. Trujillo, Mitchell High School Student

Networking is something that helps everyone connect in a way that was once thought to be unimaginable. Ever since Networking was invented, we have found new innovations that have helped us to more effectively do day-to-day tasks, but how do networks even work? For the most part, they all start with one centerpiece, called the switch. The switch is what sends signals to the correct devices. We know how to get signals to devices, but we need the signal which comes from the modem. The Modem takes signals from cables signals that come from the router. The router has the cable signal, which then goes into the Modem, and goes to the switch where the signal is then distributed.

Networking is something used for almost every company task, and even some tasks at home require it. As technology gets more advanced more things are requiring networking and learning how networks work can help you understand if you have problems. Say you have a signal in your Modem, but your devices aren’t working, then you may want to replace the switch. Although most cable companies will make you rent out routers, or other things to provide you with the internet, you are actually able to set them up yourself. This in the long run is able to save you a lot of money, and understanding how routers work will help you with this setup process. Things around us are changing, and we need to adapt to these changes, so learning about networks can help you better prepare yourself for the future.


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