The Distributive System – CSF1

Jordan Miranda, Mitchell High School Student

Technology is something that is needed throughout our entire world from cities, states, and countries but we are all relying on a specific system, the distributive system. What is the distributive network? It’s a system where our computer network is spread throughout different networks. The cloud-based services are an extension to this entire concept. The distributive system is something that connects to each other but has multiple connections in case one of the servers were to go out. As you can see, the drawing below is a representation of a distributive system where each letter has either 2 or 3 connections so in case one goes down there is another way to connect. If B wanted to get to A, then they would go B, C, and then go to A. Let’s say C went out suddenly but B needed to get to A, all B would need to do is go B, D, E, and then A.


How is the distributive network affecting my life? Well if the entire servers went out or just couldn’t connect to another server because both of the paths have been disabled then how else would I else get the information. The information must be somewhat monitored in order for us to be able to send out our texts, receive data, send the data, and everything else we need in school, work and sometimes home. In order for me to send my teachers emails, updates, and assignments for my grades I need the system to stay up and running because it could all go down. It’s why the systems have multiple connections in case one did go down the others have somewhere else to run to for the information. The distributive system is something that is very important in everyone’s everyday life. Nowadays, we use technology for everything like maps, googling information, sending out texts to family or calling them, even simple things like calculators. If the entire thing was to go down, then we would have not much basic knowledge involving the paper maps or rotary phones. The distributive system has much importance to the world, and it shows by having multiple connections incase something went down within the servers.


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