Making Sense of Flowcharts and Math


Janeal Tyler, Computer Science Teacher

Students in the advanced Computer Science Foundations 2 class have finished their unit on Data and Analysis: Tradeoff and Storage.  Their project for this unit was to create a flowchart on a math operation of their choice.  Flowcharts are a way to show programming decisions and the intent of how a complex program is expected to perform.  With all things programming it is heavily based on math concepts.  With this project students were practicing this new skill by explaining a concept they were comfortable with.  Students also had to learn how to use Lucidchart, which is software used for creating flowcharts.  These flowcharts will be shared with the Mitchell Math Department as aides to help lower level math students better understand the steps for solving math problems.  In this way computer science students are learning, applying new knowledge, and most importantly contributing to the learning of their students in a positive way.

Here are a few examples of what students have created: