Sprites and Game Design – Intro to Program

Learning is helpful in many ways, one of those ways for is my future as a game designer. With how much I already enjoy doing my game designs I have a feeling that I will still enjoy being a game designer in the future. Something that I have a lot of fun with are sprites, and no I’m not talking about the soda sprite. I’m talking about the code sprite. these little guys are cute and funny, there are many things you can do to them. You can also make your own custom sprites. Also, you can make another sprite have a different code with the same sprite instead of having more complicated code. Evidence for this can be found in the article “Top 10 Pixel Art & Sprite Design Tools Every Pro Developer Should Know About” In This article it gave me a good understanding of how much sprites can help me even more than they do now. It allowed me to look at the whole thing from another person’s perspective.

Sprites can be used for much more than having fun. Sure, they can’t be used for things other than coding, but you and I could both have fun with coding. You may not be very interested in them now, neither was I when I first started. But I bet if you give it a try, you’ll have just as much fun as I did. After that you’ll want to inspire other people to want to do this too. At first, I didn’t understand how sprites work but with a little bit of help and time spent on practicing, I got better and better. I soon knew how to use sprites and it became my favorite thing out of everything I have learned.


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