Looping and Iteration


Janeal Tyler, Computer Science Teacher

Students in the Introduction to Programming class are beginning a new unit called “Looping and Iteration.”

Students are shifting their focus from Sprite Lab to the Artist, and learning a new tool.  Students will differentiate between commands that need to be repeated in loops and commands that should be used on their own.  Students will be able to identify the benefits of using a loop structure instead of manual repetition.

At the beginning of every topic, students are STRONGLY encouraged to write down all of the key concepts along with vocabulary words and definitions.  These notes will help students a lot to complete assignments and tests.

Students will learn about:

  • Loops: Walk a Square in pseudocode
  • Micro:Bits Loops
  • Hour of Code: Drawing with Loops
  • Hour of Code: Fancy Shapes Using Nested Loops

The purpose of this unit is for students to:

  • break problems into smaller more manageable subproblems.
  • use an iterative process to plan the development of a program.
  • use loops to develop programs that combine control structures, including nested loops and compound conditionals.
  • create artifacts by using procedures within a program, combinations of data and procedures, or independent but interrelated programs.

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