RS – Unit 3 VEX Introduction and Fundamentals

RS - Unit 3 VEX Introduction and Fundamentals

Janeal Tyler, Computer Science Teacher

Unit 3 is designed to show you how to get started with VEXcode VR. This lesson will direct you to articles in the VEX Robotics Knowledge Base, as well as tutorial videos that are located inside of VEXcode VR.  This is the software side of the VEX robots that you will be building in class.

At the beginning of every unit, students are STRONGLY encouraged to write down all of the vocabulary words, definitions, and key concepts found in the concept folders.  These notes will help students a lot to complete assignments and tests.

Students are learning how to:

  • Develop programs with sequences and simple loops, to express ideas or address a problem.

  • Modify, remix or incorporate portions of an existing program into one’s own work, to develop something new or add more advanced features.

  • Decompose problems and subproblems into parts to facilitate the design, implementation and review of programs.

  • Create prototypes that use algorithms to solve computational problems by leveraging prior students’ knowledge and personal interests.

Students are learning about these things so that they can:

  • Create the programs I will use for the physical robot.
  • Open playgrounds and complete challenges
  • Make my programs as EFFICIENT as possible

Students will know they are successful when they get a perfect score on the following assignments (Keep in mind they have unlimited redos):

  • VEX-IF Question of the Day 10 pts Due 1/27
  • VEX-IF Commit to Learning 11 pts Due 1/27
  • Getting Started with VEX code VR CFU 2 pts Due 1/27
  • Opening an Example and Running Your First Program  CFU 2 pts Due 1/27
  • Block Shapes and Their Meaning CFU 2 pts Due 1/27
  • Tips and Tricks with VEXcode VR CFU 2 pts Due 1/27
  • VEX-IF Making Sense of Learning 15 pts Due 2/3
  • VEX-IF Practice and Rehearse 8 pts Due 2/3
  • VEX-IF Extend and Apply 11 pts Due 2/3
  • VEX-IF Quiz 10 pts Due 2/3


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