Circuits and Reaction Times


Janeal Tyler, Computer Science Teacher

The new robotics class has been hard a work building projects.  For their first project they learned about open and closed circuits.  When a circuit is closed it sends a single to the computer that students can program responses for.  For their first project students had to build 3 separate circuits each with a different programed response their Micro:bit had to show.

The project was a “Reaction Time” game.  Students could place their hand on the center “GND” or ground area then push start. The Micro:bit will count down from 3, 2, 1 then the first person to touch their side of the board wins.  The Micro:Bit will light up on that side indicating the winner.

Stay tuned for more exciting projects.  The next thing the Robotics class will be attempting is building their first moveable robot and an obstacle course for the robot to navigate through!


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