PowerSchool and Grades

PowerSchool and Grades

Janeal Tyler, Computer Science Teacher

Every Monday by 11 am all teachers at Mitchell High School post weekly grades for all of their classes.  These grades are updated in a system called PowerSchool.  It is important to help students stay on top of their grades to help them be as successful as possible.  If you have not been able to access PowerSchool here are some helpful links:

Did you know you can set up email notifications within your parent portal to be notified for students’ grades and attendance? Here is a link to a video on “Student and Parent Portal: Setting Up Email Notifications.”

In both Computer Science Foundations 1 and Introduction to Programming students work on two week units.  Each unit is broken down into the same structure.  There is a “Question of the Day” online discussion.  Followed by 4 concept folders that have all the notes and videos students will need to be successful.  Each concept folder has a 2 point check for understanding (CFU) activity that allows them to earn 8 Focus on New Knowledge points.  Then students have Making Sense of Learning, Practice and Rehearse (extra credit), Extend and Apply, and a Quiz.  Below is the success criteria and how grades break down for the class.  Students have unlimited chances to redo any of their assignments, however pay special attention to the assignments that award points for students who turn their work in on time.

If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s grades please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected].


Computer Science Success Criteria

Become Interested – 5 + 5 (on time)

Question of the Day discussion post and reply to 2 classmates

Commit to Learning – 5 + 6 (on time)

Motivational Mondays, Grade Checks, Interventions

Focus on New Knowledge – 8

Participate in the concept activities and pass the checks for understanding with a perfect score – Checks for Understanding (CFU) – Multiple Choice

Make Sense of Learning – 5 + 10 (on time)

Complete the activity on time

Practice and Rehearse – 8 Optional

Alternative and extra credit – Multiple Choice

Extend and Apply – 5 + 6 (on time)

Written response

Quiz – 10

Multiple Choice

Weekly Score Breakdown

A+  Exceeds: Over 100% if all perfect scores, on time, and optional assignments

A – Expected: Everything turned in on time, with perfect scores, without extra credit

B – Progressing: Perfect scores but turned in assignments late, with extra credit

D – Below: Perfect scores but turned in assignments late, WITHOUT extra credit


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