Turning class into a game with ClassCraft


ClassCraft is a classroom management system designed to resemble a game-like experience.  Positive behavior in class allows students to earn XP (experience points) and gold.  Negative behavior costs them health points.  As students level up in the game, they can unlock privileges in class that cost crystals.  Each student is represented with a unique avatar that they can develop as they play the game.  In the beginning, students can choose between three types of avatars:

  • Guardians – are the protectors of the team. They have the most health but the least amount of crystals.
  • Healers – can restore health to their teammates.  They have even amounts of health and crystals.
  • Mages -can restore crystals to their teammates.  They have the least amount of health but the most amount of crystals.

Here is a video explaining the basics of ClassCraft:

Parents you can be part of this fun experience! There is a feature in ClassCraft that allows parents to reward students for positive behavior enabling students to earn gold.  This year, Mrs. Tyler is creating a classroom store where students can exchange their “Gold” for pencils, erasers, mechanical pencil lead, and more.  If you would like to get involved please email Mrs.Tyler.  Upon request, parents can get an access code to see and reward their students in ClassCraft.  Mrs.Tyler is always looking for prizes to add to the classroom store.  If you are willing to donate simple prizes, candy, school supplies, or have any other ideas please email Mrs. Tyler.

Together we can build a bright future for students at Mitchell High School!


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