Paper Tower Challenge


Janeal Tyler, Computer Science Teacher

I always love starting a new semester off with the Paper Tower Challenge.  It’s a great way to assess how students learn, problem-solve, and work with others.  The Challenge is for students to build the tallest tower using only paper.  Students have to come up with a plan, try it, and reflect to improve their plan.


There are the ones that never get off the ground –


There are the ones that get really creative but forget the challenge is the build the TALLEST tower –

There are the ones that make a great attempt but just can’t seem to get the tower to stand –

There are the ones that make it to the ceiling –

This style of hands on learning allows students to work with peers towards a common goal without the pressure of grades or performance.  It creates an atmosphere of trial and error, exploration, and experimentation.  Overall it is a great way to start the Semester.


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